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This Week's Menu:

You'll receive this menu if you place your order before 9am on Friday 6/16.

*Please note, all macro information is for standard size meals and does not include packaged sauces. Full macro information and ingredient lists can be viewed by clicking on the meal name.


Delivery 01 - Monday 6/19:

  1. Chicken Cacciatore w/Cauliflower Mash (P: 45g F: 16g C: 28g) 

  2. Hearty Beef & Cabbage Skillet (P: 38g F: 35g C: 19g)

  3. Mexican Braised Beef w/Coconut Cilantro Cauli Rice, Sauteed Peppers, Onions & Pineapple (P: 51g F: 29g C: 28g) 

  4. NEW! Sausage Patties w/Cinnamon Sweet Potato Apple Casserole & Onion Jam (P: 38g F: 46g C: 73g) 

  5. CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Italian Meatloaf w/Green Beans & Housemade Marinara Sauce (P: 46g F: 39g C: 28g) 

  6. CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Green Goddess Turkey Burger w/Arugula & Carrot Slaw (P: 42g F: 41g C: 28g) 


Delivery 02 - Thursday 6/22:

  1. NEW! 5 Spice Chicken Breast w/Stir-Fried Vegetables & Housemade Mango Chutney (P: 44g F: 26g C: 44g) 

  2. Smokey & Spicy Chili w/Baked Sweet Potato (P: 36g F: 31g C: 48g) 
  3. NEW! Curried Beef Quiche w/Butternut Squash & Beet Salad (P: 26g F: 31g C: 33g) 
  4. Mustard Braised Pork Chops w/Sauteed Kale & Tomatoes (P: 44g F: 37g C: 14g) 


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