Our meals couldn't be simpler to enjoy!  All meals are fully cooked and arrive in microwave safe containers. Here's a few additional tips to ensure your meal is perfectly heated everytime:

  • Decide what you'd like to eat first – Certain things hold up in the fridge (or to your particular taste) better than others so when you get your delivery, check your packing slip and decide what you want to eat first. Our reccommendation is to enjoy the meals with fresh vegetables (especially greens) or eggs earlier in the week.

  • Check the meal's details before you heat – Some meals will come with sauces or sides that are best left cold while the protein or entree is better warmed. In these cases the meal detail page will let you know what is best. 

  • Cut some things in half first – Some items like burgers will just heat faster and more evenly if you size them down a notch. So spread the reheating love around a little by cutting those bad boys in half before your fire the microwave or stovetop.

  • Rotate and stir – No different than other items you heat up in the microwave, our meals will warm more evenly if they are stirred while heating. Even if you have a rotating tray in your microwave, we find best results from stopping mid-heat-up and spinning the plate a bit, maybe stirring things a bit before hitting start again. Same general theory applies in the pan or oven.

  • Taste & season if needed – If you like a little extra heat or salt on your meals go ahead and add the extra seasoning before eating. 

And in all cases, make sure you're heating your meals up thoroughly to 165 degrees fahrenheit, until hot and steaming.