Do the meals come fresh or frozen?


Fresh, delivered twice each week: Monday & Thursday. 


Where are your meals made?


Our meals are made fresh twice each week in a dedicated gluten-free, certified commercial kitchen in Kailua. 


How many people does one meal serve?

Each of our regular meals is designed to be a complete and satisfying meal for one person. Our bulk meals are to be served out of the container and contain at least 1 pound of each a protein and side.

Can I choose which meals I receive?

You can customize your order each week by choosing which meals, and how many of each, that you will receive from that week’s menu. You must place your order first and then you can log into your account and customize the meals that you will receive the next week using the link to "Pick My Meals". Customizations must be made before 9am Friday for the following week.

What if I have an allergy or dietary restriction?

Please let us know if you have an allergy or dietary restriction. We can accommodate most requests by substituting out all meals that contain an ingredient that you cannot tolerate with a different meal. 


What sizes do your meals come in?

We offer two sizes of single serving meals - Standard and XL. Our XL meals contain extra protein only. 


Our bulk packaged meals arrive with your 1 pound of protein in one container and 1 pound of the side in a separate container.


How do I pause a recurring order?

You can place your recurring plan on hold for weeks that you will be on vacation or that you do not want meals. To do this please log in to your account and use the link to “Skip Deliveries.” All changes must be done by Friday at 9am to be effective the following week.

What do I do with the meals once I receive them?

Your meals will arrive fresh & fully cooked.  They will need to be refrigerated immediately. When you are ready to eat, your meals can be heated in the container in your microwave after removing any dressing cups and fresh vegetables. Most customers find that 1-2 minutes is enough to warm their meal. Alternatively, you can put the contents of the container that you wish to heat in a skillet on the stove top. 

Do I have to be a member to pick-up at a pick-up location?

You do not have to be a member to pick-up at one of our pick-up locations. 


What happens to my meals at a pickup location if I don’t pick them up the week they were delivered?

For food safety and fridge space reasons, it’s important for us to regularly clean out pickup location fridges. So, FYI that we remove meals not picked up within a week of delivery.


I am interested in helping my friend or family member by purchasing food for them, how do I do that?

Our program makes an excellent gift for people interested in eating clean without the hassle of cooking, shopping, and cleaning up. We recommend purchasing one our gift certificates, this allows the recipient to chose the plan which is best for them.

Do you provide nutrition facts for your meals?


Calorie counts and macronutrient breakdowns for all standard and XL meals can be found on our website under the tab "Nutrition Info."

Will this help me lose weight?


We do not advertise our meal plans as weight loss products, however many people find that by sticking to a Paleo diet and removing processed foods & sugars from their diet that their appetite naturally regulates itself and they do not overeat.


What are the open hours for getting my meals at pickup locations?

Pickup hours are whenever the gym you’re picking up from is open for business, which is typically when classes are happening. Location hours can vary week by week, especially during holidays, so please check the location’s class schedule (links on our locations page) and Facebook page before you head out and time your pick up accordingly.