Good Clean Food Founder & Chef Janelle Bremer

Welcome to Good Clean Food

Founded by Janelle Bremer in 2012, Good Clean Food Hawaii grew out of a need for clean & convenient meals on Oahu that would allow people to eat health without the hassle of shopping, cooking, & cleaning. GCF is focused on creating Paleo meals made from the best local ingredients available. We believe that food matters and hope that our services can help the islands become stronger and healthier through smart nutrition and movement.


The Paleo diet is based on research & belief that for optimal health, humans should go back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies, similar to that of our ancestors. In general, Paleo means to:

  • Eat whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, nourishing foods.

  • Avoid foods that will harm us by causing systemic inflammation, wrecking our guts, or derailing our natural metabolic processes.

WHAT TO EAT:            


Fruits Grains & Gluten
Vegetables Dairy
Lean Meats Processed Foods & Sugars
Healthy Fats Legumes
Nuts & Seeds Soy
Seafood Alcohol