How it Works:


Healthy, delicious meals cooked fresh

& delivered island-wide



We take the hassle out of eating clean! 

1. Order Your Meal Plan & Choose a Pick-Up Location Online:

We offer plans from 4-14 meals/week in standard, XL, or Family Style Portions for pick-up 1x or 2x each week. Plans can be ordered on an auto-renewing basis or just as a single order.

2. Make Meal Selections Through Your Account 

Our menu changes each week and contains 10 different menu items with 6 available for Monday delivery and 4 available for Thursday delivery. You may choose which meals you receive in your account after your order is placed, if you do not make any selections you will receive our default selection of meals.

3. We Cook & Deliver

All of our meals are made fresh in a dedicated gluten-free commercial kitchen in Kailua, HI by a team of trained chefs. We use the highest quality ingredients possible and source locally where we can. Our meals are then delivered before 10a.m. each Monday & Thursday to our GCF refrigerators in each pick-up location where they will remain chilled until you pick them up!

4. You Pick-Up, Re-Heat, & Enjoy! 

Your meals are fresh and fully cooked when you pick them up and need to be refrigerated immediately. When you are ready to eat, each meal can be enjoyed cold or reheated in the microwave in the microwave safe container that it came packed in. Meals should be enjoyed within 4 days of delivery.