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You'll receive this menu if you place your order before 9am on Friday 7/21.

*Please note, all macro information is for standard size meals and does not include packaged sauces. Full macro information and ingredient lists can be viewed by clicking on the meal name.


Delivery 01 - Monday 7/24:

  1. CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Dry Rub BBQ Beef w/Smokey Sweet Potatoes (MEAL: P: 52g F: 24g C: 65g, SAUCE: P:1g F:1g C: 6g) 

  2. Breaded Pork Chop w/Butternut Carrot Puree, Sauteed Spinach, & Housemade Ketchup (MEAL: P: 45g F: 35g C: 24g, SAUCE: P:1g F:0g C: 10g)

  3. Chicken Piccata w/Ratatouille (MEAL: P: 49g F: 13g C: 21g)

  4. Morroccan Chicken w/Roasted Eggplant & Cauliflower (MEAL: P: 42g F: 19g C: 24g) 

  5. Indian Keema Curry (MEAL: P: 42g F: 51g C: 59g)

  6. Chicken Marbella w/Marinated Mushrooms & Garlic Broccoli (P: 44g F: 28g C: 25g) 


Delivery 02 - Thursday 7/27:

  1. Carnitas w/Cilantro Coconut Cauliflower Rice & Housemade Salsa (MEAL P: 52g F: 25g C: 22g, SAUCE: P:3 F:0 C:2) 
  2. Broccoli Chicken Chop Salad (MEAL: P: 51g F: 17g C: 16g, DRESSING: P:0 F:41 C:1) 
  3. CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Taco Casserole w/Beet Salad, Balsamic Vinaigrette ( MEAL P: 40g F: 38g C: 24g, DRESSING: P: 1 F:32 C:0) 
  4. Balsamic Steak & Mushroom w/Date Thyme Roasted Squash (MEAL: P: 36g F: 31g C: 48g)


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